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  • Are you guys "for real?""
    Absolutely. We started this business to service our own needs in the disposal area and decided to share it with the world.
  • Are you guys really Superheroes ?
    Again. Absolutely we are! Call us with your disposal problems and we'll come running to your rescue.
  • How far in advance do I need to order a dumpster?
    We can usually deliver a dumpster within 24 hours of your call. Sometimes we can deliver the same day, depending on location and time of call. If you need multiple dumpsters or trips we suggest calling 4- 5 days ahead to work you into the schedule.
  • How do I modify or cancel an order?
    Just call, text or email us within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery date.
  • What do I do when my dumpster is full
    Call us to schedule the pickup. If you need another dumpster, let us know and we will show up with one.
  • How high can I fill the dumpster
    Please do not fill the dumpster over the top of the container. If the dumpster is over filled, the driver will not pick up the dumpster. This will incur a $75 trip charge if there is no one on site to correct the issue. TXDOT prohibits anything over the top of the dumpster.
  • Does someone need to be there for the dumpster delivery?
    It is preferred to have a representative on site when we drop off the dumpster. Sometimes it is not possible, but if you have sent us a picture with clear instructions about drop off, we can usually accomodate. It is always a better option to have a representative on site during placement.
  • What items are prohibited from going in the dumpster?
    Do not place these in the dumpsters: Tires, paints, batteries, oils, hazardous materials, gas or diesel containers. If these are in the dumpster the driver will not pick it up and you will be charged a $75 trip fee to come back and pick it up after it has been corrected. This is not a comprehensive list.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    Ace & Gary will gladly accept Cash, Visa, Master Card and some business checks.
  • Will this rolloff dumpster damage my driveway or property?
    It is your responsibility to prepare the site for the dumpster. Laying down sheets of plywood will protect concrete and asphalt. The ground surface must be able to bear the weight of the truck and loaded dumpster.
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